The Shift Network’s Dreamwork Summit

Discover a unique variety of dreamwork approaches and ways to open to your inner guidance that promise to transform your relationship to your dreams…

More than 25 of today’s leading master dream teachers, psychology professionals, and celebrated authors — including Sandra Ingerman, Robert Moss, Toko-pa Turner, Dr. Michael Katz, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Luisah Teish, Dr. Clare Johnson, Robert Olen Butler, Grandmother Flordemayo, Sharon Blackie, Alice Notley, Ariella Daly, and others

… will be sharing the latest insights and applications of fascinating systems designed to help you overcome obstacles and recognize your innate strengths, preferences, and talents — and integrate and activate deeper healing and growth. 

During this groundbreaking 4-day event, you’ll discover:

  • Somatic approaches to dreamwork that look to the body and your feelings for interpretation, healing, and transformation
  • The power of your intentions to call in particular dreams and manifest healing within yourself and in our world
  • Dreams as a doorway to places where lost soul energy can be found and reclaimed
  • How the ancient practice of shamanism views dreams, and ways you can experience shamanic dreaming
  • Dreams as inspiration for bringing your creative self forward
  • Ways that dreams can show you the future to help you better navigate your life
  • The potency inherent in the sacred encounter with images and presences in your dreams — and how they can help you discover healing and transformative insights
  • Techniques to unwrap the spiritual, creative, and healing gifts of “bad” dreams and nightmares
  • How working with myths and archetypes can illuminate your journey through life… and offer you clues about your soul’s calling
  • Practices of Dream Yoga and “natural light”

… and much more!

Discover exciting new practices and insights for tapping into the power of your dreams and imagination for guidance, healing, and inspiration. October 29 to November 1, 2019. 

Visit the Dreamwork Summit site to RSVP at no charge!

Exploring Mind through Liminal Dreaming

Liminal dreaming occurs at the boundaries of consciousness between waking and sleep. Hypnagogia, the hallucinatory dream state through which we pass as we sink into sleep, and hypnopompia, the floaty, mesmerizing dreams we have as we surface back into waking, together make up liminal dreaming, one of the most unusual brain states we experience. We all possess the ability to simultaneously maintain waking, rational consciousness while sinking into the free associative, kaleidoscopic realms of the subconscious. Yet few of us develop this powerful tool for exploring mind.

Learn more about liminal dreaming through this Shift Network event, and by visiting the liminal dream website.